• AC Repair Services
  • Accountant
  • Advertising
  • Advice Centers
  • Aerospace
  • After School Programs
  • Agriculture Equipment
  • Allergists/Immunologists
  • Apartment Rental
  • Beauty Professionals


Dynamic IT Solutions

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Rolustech is a Certified SugarCRM, Salesforce and Magento Partner firm which specializes in developing state of the art CRM, Web, and Mobile Solutions.
Rolustech is a rapidly growing multinational company with a head office based in San Francisco, California and regional offices based in the UK and Pakistan, Rolustech is one of the fastest growing multinational companies in the world and caters to a diverse international clientele on challenging and unique projects specifically designed as per their individual needs.
Our breadth of experience has helped us become a household name in the marketplace and among our competitors. Our leadership team has the greatest concentration of expertise in the industry as we’ve had more than 700 clients worldwide. We understand that it takes a lot more than just great technology to make a company great which is why our team takes a holistic approach to the legal, operational, and technical aspects of your solution.
Rolustech consists of a team of highly qualified and dedicated individuals with an interestingly proficient mix of professional backgrounds.
The development methodology we apply to produce optimum results is a blend of “Lean & Agile”‹. The Agile teams usually consist of 3-10 members. Projects requiring larger teams are made up of many small teams segmented technology and expertise wise.
Our teams consist of highly experienced and certified SugarCRM, Salesforce, and Magento developers. We also have talented software engineering and design teams focusing on Mobile Application Development specifically in iPhone and Android. Furthermore, we use over 20 different technologies to provide efficient solutions to our customers. We rapidly build cross-platform, high performance, and interactive apps to help businesses stay on the forefront of innovation. All of this allows our customers to leverage the benefits of a flexible virtual team at a competitive rate.