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Khired Networks

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Khired Networks is a Technology Service Provider based in the United Kingdom and Pakistan. We are actively working with our client base in Europe to provide service excellence and cutting edge technological advantage. We have a range of services including Bespoke Software Development and Team Augmentation with a focus on User Experience and Agile Methodologies. Our technical expertise includes popular Cloud Platforms, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence through Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Big Data Systems.
We have built a resume formatter system for one of our clients that is used by thousands of recruiters in the US, Europe and Australia. This system liquidizes an uploaded resume and then reformats the document in any shape or form as set by a template. The system leverages Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing for parsing and indexing documents. This has enabled us to build a best-in-class Semantic Search, Match and RankSystem for the Human Resources and Recruitment industries.
Khired Networks has also built a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Reporting Automation System for one of our clients in Luxembourg. This system allows the users to follow an interactive workflow that enables Criteria Collection and its process through an Automated Decision Support System for production of GDPR Compliance Reports.
Khired Networks has vast expertise in modern front-end application frameworks and libraries like Angular, React and Vue.js. We would be happy to dicuss your project, implementaion and delivery.